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About Us

We are located in Southern Louisiana.   We are a small family owned breeder raising high quality Multi-generational Australian Labradoodles.  We are members of WALA.  All of our parent dogs live with either one of us or one of our incredible guardian families who are family to us as well.  Each parent is thoroughly health tested and loved beyond measure.  Our doodles are bred for their hypo-allergenic, low to non-shedding coats, and loving temperaments.  We follow WALA and ALAA guidelines/code of ethics.  Our breeding adults are fully tested through Paw Prints Genetic Testing to ensure that we provide you with quality puppies.  Our puppies are well socialized and will grow along side of our children.  We perform temperament testing on each litter before placements to ensure that each puppy is placed with the best fit family for them.  We will be there for your family each step along the way as well as after you take your puppy home.  

about multi-generational Australian labradoodles

A multigenerational Australian Labradoodle is a puppy where both parents are Australian Labradoodles.  These puppies are the result of generations of breeding, time and investment.  They are low to non-shedding and allergy-friendly.  These beauties range in sizes from miniatures to standard.  Miniatures are 14”-16” tall and weigh 15-30lbs.  Mediums are 17”-20” tall and weigh 30-45 lbs.  Standards are 21”-24" and weigh 45-65 lbs.  They have two types of coats, fleece and wool, ranging in many colors.  Since they are bred for temperament, they are great with children and are easily trainable to be used as service dogs.  These pups are the perfect addition to any family!

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Differences in prices are due to many things:

1) An early generation dog (F1, F1b) are usually more affordable, but often shed.

2) Whether the breeder is a professional breeder or not. A professional breeder is home with puppies 24/7. That is their JOB. They are NOT puppy mills! A professional breeder does all of the following: They spend their days caring for and enriching your puppy so that it is well-socialized, well-balanced (not skittish, etc.), and well cared-for. They usually use a puppy raising program such as Avidog, Puppy Culture, or BAB. They do extensive health testing on parents (hips, elbows, patellas, eyes, hearts, genetic testing for diseases) to ensure your puppy will be as healthy as possible. They do preventative de-worming every two weeks, provide high quality food, have each puppy health checked by their vet, and have its first vaccine administered and microchipped. They have each puppy temperament tested by a trainer at seven weeks old. They are usually a member of a breed club such as WALA, ALAA, or ALCA, pay member dues, pay to register each litter of puppies, have certified pedigrees and provide you with your registration and pedigree. Question whether a program IS a puppy mill if they do not do all of the above. Question whether you are dealing with a backyard breeder if they do not do all of the above. Low prices usually equal one or the other and can result in puppies with behavioral or genetic health problems.

3) A multigenerational Australian Labradoodle raised by a professional breeder is the most expensive.

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