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Please fill out an application to be added to the waitlist.  Puppy matching process begins at six weeks of age.  All dates are estimates.  Available spots in the litters are only estimates that will be adjusted once the puppies arrive and we know how many spots are available. 

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1. Montgomery
2. Jones

3. Hood
4. Noel
5. De Jesus
6. Dumas


Cayenne & Bayou Bengal

momma cayenne_edited.jpg

Bayou doodles "Red Hot Cayenne' and Bull Valleys "Bayou Bengal'

Mini puppies.  More photos available

on Facebook and Instagram.  

1.  RESERVED- Hovanec

2.  Available breeder spot

3.  RESERVED- McKenzie (Sperling)

4.  Available-McGregor

5.  Available Charm

6.  Available Guiness

7.  Available  Jameson

Cayenne & Bayou Bengal


Bayou doodles "oak alley' and Bull Valleys "Bayou Bengal'

Estimated DUE date: March

Minature reds, caramels, chocolate phantom and tri colors. 16-24 lbs

1.  RESERVED- Bayou Doodle

2.  RESERVED-Available breeder spot

3.  Available

4.  Available

5.  Available

6.  Available

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